Necronomicon Phenomenon

by the Grave Surfers

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The Grave Surfers' debut record, Necronomicon Phenomenon, is the latest concept album from the mind of Richard Nolan, whose other musical credits include Beware! The Other Head of Science, Parwana, Desperately Obvious, The Boston Celtics, and more. But unlike any of his other projects, Nolan's latest combines a kooky mix of surf-pop riffs with blithely morbid lyrics, all conducted with an energy that's youthful, fun, and -- despite its subject matter -- lively.
With titles as pun-infused as these (Sid and Necromancy, Necromancing the Stone, Necrological Disaster, etc.), these tracks aren't likely to be confused with the somber drudgery one might expect of a whole album dedicated to death (and, granted, surfing). Neverthless, through the carefree surfer's sort of joy that's palpable in each track, it's easy to stumble into Nolan's signature wit and trip headlong into a wave of undeniable sincerity that's no less profound for all its silliness.
Completed entirely during Record Producing Month, Necronomicon Phenomenon is an awesome feat. The Grave Surfers deserves a listen not only because it's the latest project from a skilled musician, but also because it stands alone, making evident its own value as a spectacle that is at once hilarious, surprising, illuminating, and impressive, like a skeleton barreling out of some tubular swell.


released March 1, 2011

Richard Nolan Jr., Ashleigh Ellis



all rights reserved


the Grave Surfers Albany, New York

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Track Name: Necromation Proclamation
When there is nothing left for me I will float my board to sea, cut my hand on a reef and swallow all my grief. Lit by candle light the moon and I unite. The only way I will die is by a shark bite.
Track Name: Hard Necronomics
Kill me tomorrow, kill me today, makes no difference, to me it's the same. Surfing tomorrow, surfing today, all that matters is the waves. Are you working? Yeah. Are you sleeping? Yeah. Are you eating? Yeah. Are you surfing? Yeah. Riding my board, riding the lift. Sea holds my spirit so I can exist. Empty my body, empty my mind. The current will change me or leave me behind. I owe it to the ocean, I owe it to the sea, I owe it to my lover, I will never leave. Are you working? Yeah. Are you sleeping? Yeah. Are you eating? Yeah. Are you surfing? Yeah. All waves feel the same since you've gone away. All tides are tame and I am the one to blame.
Track Name: Sid and Necromancy
Your jet black hair has got me twisted inside. Where sea gulls dare I want to make you mine. Your complexion is pale, it is the same as mine. We both set sails our fate is intertwined. Swallowed by waves no shore in sight. Take what we crave, we surf all night and don't want nothing, the end is coming soon and when there is nothing all I want is to surf with you. The fire has spread even into the sea. Not got or science can keep you from me. Sharing a board, sharing the waves, sharing our secrets and sharing our grave. We don't want nothing, the end is coming soon and when there is nothing all I want is to surf with you.
Track Name: Necromaniac
Some how the fruit sours. Loving coward of the demon flower. Despite our constant bickering the sea shell sings when listening. The wild rose cuts my chin leaving me with a stupid grin. Biting my tongue, talking through my teeth, just get me to the beach, escape is within reach. Wrap me in a towel for another half an hour, keep me from the streets the beach is chic. Under the sand they will bury me. Shooting shallow glare, life guard unprepared. Black pants, black shirt, black hair, black skirts. Behold, the tide has come. Once scorned, we plunge. Baring boards and braving sun, starry eyed tears run. Underneath the sand we can challenge time intertwined between dusk and dawn right and wrong is combined.
Track Name: Necromancing the Stone
Sea salt kiss my fresh wounds tonight. Blood lust betray us and guide my knife aside. Come behold the undertow's uncontrolled might. Washed away in away in the fray swallowed whole my life. Pretty on the eyes, clever blue disguise, countless alibis. You got answers all the time, but the real mystery is inside. I'm inside of the night.
Track Name: Necrological Disaster
Shallow graves yearning for a new corpse. Longing gaze trained to the ocean floor. Malice waves rocking little sea horse. Far away embrace of the safe shore. Lost. Hollow gaze vacant from a torn heart. Lovers chase sharing an apartment, a floating plank, courtship is a past art. Buzzard pace waiting for their moment. Lost. Floating towards nothing, losing everything but nothing. I vow to get lost with or without you.
Track Name: Necropolitan Area
If your heart is true nothing can stop you. Surf the ocean blue. Out where the open water defines me. Miles from the coast. Parasite or host? I thought I saw a ghost. Out where the open water defines me. Is it a life raft? Rescued at last. Wrestled from me a wakened dream. Monsters at large, brief hope a mirage. Out where the open water defines me.